Investigation of the clinical behaviors of pediatric dentists working in Turkey during the normalization period of the COVID-19 Pandemic




COVID-19, Clinical behavior, Pediatric dentistry, Prevention


Objective: Our aim is to investigate the clinical attitudes and behaviors of pediatric dentists during the new normalization period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Materials and methods: Our study was conducted online among pediatric dentistry specialists working in Turkey and a total of 256 people participated. According to personal information, the six questions asked in the second part were analyzed in terms of physicians' adaptation to the new normal order, clinical arrangements, measures to be taken, and their approaches to treatment procedures.

Results: The responses to the option "my anxiety has decreased and I have learned to live with this situation" were mostly found in women (42.86%), those with a working period of 1-5 years (42.11%) and pediatric dentists aged 20-25 years (42.86%). In our study, it was observed that ART was practiced more in public hospitals (100%) compared to university and private hospitals. It was observed that 73.91% of pediatric dentists working in university hospitals preferred panoramic films. This rate was significantly higher than those working in state and private hospitals.

Conclusions: It was observed that the pediatric dentists participating in our study acted in accordance with the precautions and measures during the new normalization period. In this process, procedures that produce less aerosol were preferred more frequently.


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