Experience in the surgical management of children with complicated crohn's disease





Bowel stricture, Children, Crohn's disease, Laparoscopy, Surgical treatment


Objective: To present experience in pre-surgical diagnosis, selection of surgical tactics and volume of intervention in different variants of gastrointestinal tract lesions and disease activity.

Materials and methods: We undertook cross-sectional, retrospective-prospective study of 64 children who underwent surgery due to complicated CD. We analyzed CD activity via PCDAI, medications used, inflammation localization, and changes in mass-growth parameters at pre-surgery stage.

Results: Three patients from the group of 44 children with two-stage surgical treatment later showed inefficacy of GEBD in post-operative period. The disease progression was revealed and, therefore, subtotal colectomy was required. Three children had secondary adhesion of surgical wounds by means of active immunosuppressive therapy at preoperative period, and five patients developed suture sinuses at post-operative period. Early adhesive intestinal obstruction was revealed in 3 (4.7%) cases, and they required re-surgery.

Conclusions: Personalized approach to the surgical treatment of children with complicated CD has shown its efficacy due to the small percentage of postoperative complications with re-surgery. There was significant improvement in mass-growth parameters, recovery of albumin levels, and anemia decrease in 96.9% of cases in the long-term postoperative period (6 months or more).


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