Evaluation of oral cancer knowledge and awareness among patients at a periodontology clinic





Awareness, Oral cancer, Risk factor


Objective: The current study was designed to assess the extent of knowledge and awareness regarding oral cancer among patients presenting to the periodontology clinic.

Materials and methods: The research was carried out through in-person interviews with 510 volunteer patients, utilizing a questionnaire format. The questionnaire comprised two sections: the first section contained seven demographic questions addressing gender, age, education level, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, frequency of tooth brushing, and a family history of cancer. The second section consisted of 13 items aimed at evaluating the participants’ awareness and knowledge concerning oral cancer.

Results: A majority of the participants, accounting for 68.6%, reported that they had not been previously aware of oral cancer. The study revealed a significant association between the levels of awareness about oral cancer and variables such as gender, education level, and oral hygiene practices (p<0.05). An increase in education level corresponded with heightened awareness, with men exhibiting greater awareness than women. The perception of risk factors among the patients varied, with smoking being recognized as a risk factor by 72% of the participants, followed by poor oral hygiene at 66.3%, a family history of cancer at 58.4%, alcohol consumption at 56.5%, malnutrition at 55.5%, and excessive sun exposure at 42.5%. Non-healing oral sores were identified as the most recognized sign of cancer, noted by 65% of the respondents. When faced with such symptoms, a significant portion of the patients, 72.4%, indicated they would consult a dentist. Meanwhile, 16.5% would choose to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist, and a smaller segment, 6.1%, would approach a general practitioner.

Conclusions: This study revealed that societal knowledge and awareness of oral cancer are significantly lacking. The implementation of educational programs to enhance individual knowledge and awareness of oral cancer, coupled with the consistent and thorough examination of the oral mucosa by relevant healthcare professionals, including dentists and ENT specialists, could facilitate the prevention of the disease and promote its early diagnosis.


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